Short history of ultra multievents in track and field
In 1981, Finland started the preparation the first IAAF World Athletics Championships  to be held in 1983. This challenge gave the Finnish decathlete Risto Karasmaa the idea of organizing an even greater challenge: why not combine all track and field events in one competition? In September 1981 the first icosathlon for men was held in Helsinki. Nine athletes entered the competition, only five were able to finish this extreme challenge. The first winner was the Finnish athlete  Aro Kari scoring 9,557 points. The women soon followed. In 1983 Terttu Rissanen finished the first women’s tetradecathlon achieving 6,954 points. Competitions continued to be organized annually in Finland, with the 10th competition in 1990 in Espoo Finland, being officially recognized as the first World Championships. Originally an annual competition, the World Championships became biennial, held on odd years, with European Championships held on even years. (Source:
Turnhout 2017
In 2012 Turnhout hosted the 24th World Championships Ultra Multievents. We are proud to announce the 26th World Championships Ultra Multievents will also be held in Turnhout. Again the venue will be the “Stadsparkstadion” situated very near to the city centre.

In addition to individual competitions a “Country Cup” is also organized at the occasion of the World Championships. This “Country Cup” is competed by teams of athletes from the same country. The winning team comprises the three highest scoring athletes from a single country, using age-graded scores, with at least one male and one female athlete.
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